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About Us


Our story starts in a time of world crisis, divisiveness, and human disconnection

So we decided to make a change! We started a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community dedicated to transformational experiences, conscious connections, and experiencing the wonder of life

CONSENT is a major aspect of our community, and we ask that all attendees respect both their own boundaries and everyone else’s. Ask before doing, be aware of the energy you are putting out towards others and come show us your true self!


The DDR Sanctuary was founded by Marquis “Ducky” Rosen and Rory “Roary” Ginsburg in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Where social distancing was starting to becoming normal, our community recognized the importance of human connection and the effects it has on the health of people – mentally, spiritually, and physically. We firmly believe that our community members are the most fulfilled when they are not only accepted but encouraged to be the most expressive, authentic version of themselves, free from expectations of who they have been conditioned to be. 
Our mission is to host affordable and inclusive wellness gatherings, conscious experiences, movement exercises, and transformational festivals in the Southern California area. DDR Sanctuary believes that education, movement and artistic freedom should be given an opportunity to be expressed and shared in a communal setting where everyone is accepted and radical self exploration is encouraged. We offer a variety of unique experiences throughout the year both paid and free.
A major emphasis at our events is creating a safe environment for exploration of our true selves. Therefore consent is a driving factor in everything we do, our events open with a consent talk and we offer many workshops and speakers on how to create and maintain this safe environment.  
Our events are run with sustainability in mind and a leave no trace ethos while our workshops provide our community with the tools to take these practices back into the day-to-day lives
Our events have had a profound impact on numerous lives by providing a platform for musicians, performers and creators to share their art and draw inspiration. DDR Sanctuary creates a space for authentic connection, growth, and inclusion. Our mission is to bring these principles beyond our community and share them with the world through events and experiences 
Family is not always defined by blood, it is defined by love and that’s why we are all a chosen family within DDR Sanctuary.
We have partnered with 1% for the Planet spreading the knowledge about sustainability and we donate 5% of all profits to help up in coming artist with support to expand their art, whether that be musicians, electronic DJ sets, Aerial Artists, Painters, and Movement artists to include but not limited to fire performers, yoga and dance.

Our Principles

People or actions might seem out of your comfort zone, be interested and ask questions to learn.

A no to someone else is a yes to yourself. Just as you would ask for consent to play with someone’s toys you must ask for consent to play with someone’s “toys״. Know your boundaries and welcome rejectio

Take responsibility for yourself, your impact, your actions and your friends.

Don’t expect others to provide (food, entertainment, an invitation to participate…), rather come prepared and be in a place to share unconditionally with others.

Extend a hand and help the communal effort without being asked (trash, support of the crew, including tribe members who seem alone). If you don’t know how to help, just ask. Community and civic engagement leads to profound satisfaction in what you do

Invite people you don’t feel comfortable with/haven’t talked to to share a meal/conversation/story and learn about their perspective. Give others space to participate in creating new experiences

Is a strength, not a weakness, we cultivate, support and protect it because it is an important ingredient for authentic connection.

Leave a place and people better than you found them, our world needs all the help it can get. Think before you buy and No MOOP left behind!

This is a space to drop your inhibitions, be yourself and challenge that mask you wear. We want to connect with you not with your social role!

Everybody deserves to be heard and the opportunity to participate. If what someone says/does makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why?

What you experience here is special, share it with each other and share it with the world. Take the kindness you learn and bring it with you everywhere. We’re all just walking eachother home.

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