DDR Sanctuary Presents

Heaven & Hell III

Heaven & Hell III



3-day transformational festival with DJs and live music, workshops, art, highlining, circus performances, vendors, and unparalleled community connection​
December 2-4, 2022

The portal is opening one last time, join DuckDuckRoar where darkness and light collide for Heaven & Hell III: Damned for Eternity, a 3-day transformational festival and highlining exhibition. You can expect Devilish Debauchery and Heavenly Delights all weekend long as you unleash your spirit on the dance floor, find new movements in your body and new depths to your mind at life changing workshops , immerse yourself in unparalleled live music and experience mind-blowing art installations, take flight on our aerial apparatuses, or gorge yourself at our Garden of Fruits and other Earthly delights.

Choose your side, Heavenly Angels or Demonic Demons and cavort like the end of days is upon us. Can’t decide whether to be good or bad? Embrace the duality and play with both.

This will be DDR’s final Heaven & Hell and Rory’s final DDR event before heading to Asia, so come ready to leave who you once were behind as we create our new Eden. The weekend is situated in a remote desert canyon 1hr from San Diego with endless avenues for play while overhead the worlds best Highliners put on a show to dazzle your wildest beliefs. Join us to see what the hype is all about, DDR curates a space for authentic community connection and fosters lasting friendships you cannot experience anywhere else on earth, Join us and see what it truly means to be ALIVE!

What You Need To Know

3-day transformational festival with DJs and live music, workshops, art, highlining, circus performances, vendors, and unparalleled community connection

2-4, 2022

One Hour Away From San Diego


Heaven (tier 1)

$111 (sold out)

Hell (tier 2)

$122 (sold out)

Purgatory (tier 3)


Last chance-  week of


Tickets are extremely limited for this event and WILL sell out quickly, we will not add more so get yours today. If you don’t get it today, you’ll be one day older when you do!


Live music
HH djs

If you would like to get involved in creating this event please check these links!

Collaborators & Vendors

Volunteer with us


We have an opportunity for one lucky winner to join our talented line-up at Heaven & Hell III. Enter for your chance to strut your funky stuff for the DDR community!

Here’s how to win:

  1. Submit a 45-60 minute mix to duckduckroarmedia@gmail.com
  2. After we post your mix to the DuckDuckRoar Soundcloud, share the link with all your friends
  3. We will select one winner with the sauciest sounds sounds from the top 3 mixes with the most likes.

Deadline for submission is November 20th. Winner will be announced November 27th.

What to bring?
  • Water, there’s none onsite and even Satan gets thirsty! Devil and Angel outfits, we’re talking leather and latex y’all! Warm clothes for nighttime weather out there is unpredictable, gotta love fur season!
  • Friday will kick off with an opening Cacao Ceremony and booming ecstatic dance, you won’t want to miss it!
  • Wood!! It’s gonna be a touch chilly at night. Bring a bundle of firewood or two and we’ll keep the fire ROARIN all weekend long!
  • Ya flow toys! 
  • Your fun lights! If you have a cool AGlowGeo light or something else fun, bring it a long and add to the festival grounds! (just make sure you label anything that’s yours)
  • Your pure, uninhibited self. This is a space to be unashamedly YOU leave your anxieties at the door and prepare for a weekend of pure, experiential bliss
What you should not bring
  • Whippets – These are not allowed in the festival, please do not bring them
  • Being a drunk ass hole – please, please don’t be that person. We are a high-vibrational community and alcohol impairs one’s ability to be conscious of others space, emotions, and experience. Please leave the hard liquor at home for this one.
  • If you are camping away from the fest grounds and are playing loud music, please be considerate of those around you, people camp way from the festival to escape the music and get some sleep, don’t worry, we’ll have beats all night long for you in heaven & Hell
  • Single use plastics – ditch those dumb water bottles!

What side are you on?