DDR Sanctuary Presents

Heaven & Hell II

Satanic Boogaloo

What an amazing success! Thank you for expressing your amazing talents and sharing a beautiful weekend with us!
We will post photos and videos from the event soon!

Devils  and Demons , Angels  and Songbirds , a weekend of Heavenly Delights and Devilish Decadence awaits. December 10th-12th, the portal will open and the forces of Good and Evil will once again do Battle

HEAVEN & HELL II: SATANIC BOOGALOO returns to a desert near YOU!

This year we are upping the ante with more angels soaring , demons with bigger fire , and a very special game that might just cost you your soul….

In addition to these Fiendish Delights, we are proud to announce that this event will feature The DDR Invitational, our first ever international Professional Highline and Trickline Competition ! Prepare to see the world’s best launching gravity-defying moves far overhead while Heavenly DJ’s  rain celestial beats down on the dance floor



Things will kick off Friday night with an infernal cacao-fueled ecstatic dance floor   giving way to the harmonious melodies of a sound healing and a deep night’s slumber . The next day we will bask in the glow of holy movement, yoga , workshops, and The DDR Invitational Competition to soothe our souls from the torments of the Underworld. This Valhalla will give way to paradise on the dance floor, as the forces of Heaven & Hell battle with harmony and hellfire in the lush Garden of Eden . Come ready for temptation, don your angel wings and devil horns, and prepare yourself for a weekend of Nirvanic delights!

What You Need To Know

December, 2021

One Hour Away From San Diego

Workshop leaders & collaborators, come share your gifts! reach out

Early Bird


Oh, i’m late


Workshop & collabs


What to bring?
  • Your negative COVID test! We’re still living through strange times and navigating murky waters. Please come to the fest with a negative COVID test or positive antibody test from the previous week, or a Vaccine card.
  • Water, there’s none onsite and even Satan gets thirsty! Devil and Angel outfits, we’re talking leather and latex y’all! Warm clothes for nighttime weather out there is unpredictable, gotta love fur season!
  • Please don’t park on the road itself, and park well s we can fit all the cars in!
  • Friday will kick off with an opening Cacao Ceremony and booming ecstatic dance, you won’t want to miss it!
  • Wood!! It’s gonna be a touch chilly at night. Bring a bundle of firewood or two and we’ll keep the fire ROARIN all weekend long!
  • Ya flow toys! 
  • Your fun lights! If you have a cool AGlowGeo light or something else fun, bring it a long and add to the festival grounds! (just make sure you label anything that’s yours)
  • Your pure, uninhibited self. This is a space to be unashamedly YOU leave your anxieties at the door and prepare for a weekend of pure, experiential bliss
What you should not bring
  • Whippets – These are not allowed in the festival, please do not bring them
  • Being a drunk ass hole – please, please don’t be that person. We are a high-vibrational community and alcohol impairs one’s ability to be conscious of others space, emotions, and experience. Please leave the hard liquor at home for this one.
  • If you are camping away from the fest grounds and are playing loud music, please be considerate of those around you, people camp way from the festival to escape the music and get some sleep, don’t worry, we’ll have beats all night long for you in heaven & Hell
  • Single use plastics – ditch those dumb water bottles!

What side are you on?